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  The Half-Blood Crew!

The Half-Blood Crew!

Mia Ganguly, Lucas Christodoulou, Mateo Parejo, Divnoor Mashiana, Jood Ayyad, Zara Abdolmaleki

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Printed in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

First edition May 2018


Zara: To Rick Riordan, and the way he inspired us to have such a vivid imagination.


Divnoor: To Rick Riordan, thank you for this blissful idea




Some of the characters are non-fictional, but what happens to them is totally fiction. -) (Happy Cyclops!)

Chapter 1: We not so accidentally vaporize our art sub

We are the half-blood crew. We are demigods. Zara is a daughter of Athena, Lucas is the son of Poseidon, Jood, the daughter of Hephaestus, I am the daughter of Athena, Mateo Hades, and Divnoor is the daughter of Apollo. This is our story...
Today was Thursday, and that meant that our class had art. Usually, our teacher, Mr. Rencor, would be talking to us about like Leonardo Da Vinci about art, but today, he was at an art expo. That meant we had a supply for him. Our class recently had a kindness guy come over to our school and talked to us about kindness, so each class had to make a speech bubble with a ‘kindness promise’, and since most of our subs were leaving bad notes about the same people *cough* us *cough*, our teacher wrote “We Will Be Kind To Supply Teachers.” But the day we vaporized one, we did not regret it.
Hi. My name is Mia Ganguly. I am 10 years old, and I vaporized our art sub.
She came in and started introducing herself: “My name is Mrs. Todds, but you can call me Mrs. T,” she said, with a French accent. “We will start off with talking about perspective. What is perspective?” she rattled off. The entire class groaned. Mr. Rencor usually lets us use the computers to take ‘notes’ of what he was talking about, but we actually played games. We only played games because what he talked about made absolutely NO SENSE! He talked about stuff like famous mosaics, and famous portraits by people like Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, or Raphael. Anyway, she continued talking about boring stuff, even more boring than Mr. Rencor’s unbelievably long monologues. All of a sudden, I heard, “Hey! You, you, and you! To the office, now!” She started sending kids in our class to the office for no reason! She sent my best friend Claire to the office, so I started speaking up.
“What exactly did she do? I didn’t see her do anything, actually. All I saw her do was take real notes about perspective.”
That was when she transformed.
Her face wrinkled into a shrivelled mess, and her shoes popped off, revealing claws where each toe would be. The same thing went for her hands. Her eyes were bloodshot, with the irises dandelion yellow.
The bell rang, and Mr. Galloway, our music teacher, had came in. Suddenly, he rounded up Zara, a girl with green eyes and light brown hair, Lucas, a boy with messy dirty blonde hair and soft brown eyes, Divnoor, a girl with an long oily dark braid down her back and dark eyes, Mateo, a boy with dark brown eyes and long brown hair, Jood, a girl with drastically changing shaded hair and brown eyes, and me. He gave Lucas a ring, Zara a locket necklace, Divnoor a pair of headphones, Jood a watch, Mateo an amulet, and me a bracelet. At first, I was super confused and had no idea why he had given me a bracelet. But then, I saw everybody else’s faces, and they were just as confused as I was.
“What the hell?” I heard Zara say, completely baffled.
“Are you guys tricking me?” I asked everyone.
They looked at each other and then at me. They looked just as confused as I was, so I knew that nobody was trying to trick me. Then Divnoor screamed, “RUN!”
We sprinted into the hallway with me in the lead. We all saw these weird designs on those objects that Mr. Galloway gave us were Pegasi (horses with wings), and Mateo screamed really high pitched, completely unable to process the situation. That monster thing was fast and was gaining on us. I saw this button on one of the beads of my new bracelet, so I clicked it, then the bracelet transformed. It was so weird! My bracelet had just turned into A DAGGER! I was terrified, but it was awesome!
I held it confidently and ran into a room with the others following me. I told them that at the same time when Mrs. Todds got in, to close the door and circle her. They did and I stabbed her in the gut. She exploded in a whirlwind of sand, then we left. I went to get Claire, and the others went to get Mr. Galloway. We came back to our classroom, where all of the kids had left. Mr. Galloway told me to bring Claire to him. I went, then Mr. Galloway whispered something in her ear, and she started taking off her pants, revealing scruffy brown hair. She took off her shoes, revealing hooves. Goats hooves, I guessed, and I almost fainted. Lucas caught me (luckily) and I thanked him, but I was still dazed by my best friend’s legs.

Chapter 2: Satyr Surprise! Oh-my-gods-there-is a-satyr-right-in-front-of-me!

I’d read about Greek mythology before I knew who I was (a son of Poseidon). But I thought they were all myths! I guess my whole life is a lie, then. First off, I did NOT think that satyrs (goat people) were real, or even the Greek gods, but —as I said— my whole life seems to be a lie. I started to sing a Lil Tay rap off the top of my head to calm me down. Even though she’s a 9-year-old, she’s still a pretty good rapper.
“Ok, hold up,” I said. I pointed at Claire, Mia’s best friend. “What are you?!”
“A satyr, silly,” Claire responded.
“A satyr? I love those things! So that means you’re like Grover?!” Zara asked.
“Actually, Grover is my father. His wife, Juniper, is my mom,” Claire said.
“WHAT?!” Zara cried, then passed out before anyone could catch her. That fall must’ve been painful.
“Zara!” Mateo cried, finally saying something we understood. We all knew why he said that. He kinda liked Zara. “Someone help her!”
Surprisingly, Mr. Galloway was really strong, and laid her down on two of the attached desks, then checked her pulse. “She is strong. She should be up soon,” he confirmed.
Well, was he right? Yep. We all stared at her for about thirty seconds, and soon enough, her eyes started to open. “Satyr,” she muttered, before jerking up and falling off the desks with a big thump. “Ooh, that’s gotta leave a mark,” she said, and we all knew she was OK.
“Phew!” Mateo said.
“Anyway,” Claire continued, “Let’s get to Camp Half-blood. Mr. Galloway?”
“Yes, my dear?” he replied.
“Car, please.”
Turns out, I did not want to go in the ‘car’. No one did. It was an old pontiac minivan that must have—at one point in history— been gold, but now it was covered in dust, mud, and grime. Plus, the all inclusive rust!
“This baby is old, but she still works!” Mr. Galloway exclaimed when we were driving, whistling to an odd old jazz tune in the CD player. Wait, he HAD one of those?!
We talked about some random stuff, like how school sucks, for about an hour and a half, then we started talking about really random stuff, and I started to doze off. After a while I awoke.
“Just fly us to the airport,” I mumbled, waiting for a response from Mr. Galloway. Everyone else did to.
But Claire broke the silence by shouting “No! We can not go to the airport!”
“Why?” I asked
“Everyone has their own problem. Go ahead and list them,” She said, calmer.
“I have motion sickness,” Zara explained.
“Me, too,” Mia said.
“I am afraid of heights,” Jood said.
“Just NO flying!” Mateo exclaimed
“Just no planes,” Divnoor agreed. That left one more person: Claire.
“I am a satyr, and that should explain itself” Claire said.
“Oh wait, I forgot. My parents died in a plane crash,” I remembered.
“They did?” Mia asked
“Yep. I was put into a foster care. My parent’s will gave me enough money for a scholarship at our school, but, I guess my life is totally changed now that I’ve told people.”
“It’s OK,” Mia said
“Yeah man, we have your back,” Zara agreed
“Sure, bro,” Mateo agreed
“Maybe I could build you something useful,” Jood suggested
“Thanks guys” I answered “I don’t know what I would do without friends.”
“Uh, guys,” Claire said “Hate to burst your bubble, but after almost talking for ten hours, we’re here.”
By now you’re probably thinking: TEN HOURS!!!??? But I guess I was asleep for about eight hours. I barely get any sleep in the foster home, so it’s normal to sleep in the car. I do it on the bus all the time.
We got out, and then I realized why we drove for ten hours: we were in long island sound, in front of a HUGE pine tree—where Thalia rested—I guessed. There was a golden fleece, and a dragon guarding it. Then, I figured Mr. Galloway was someone else, too, and asked him what he actually was.
His reaction: “My dear boy, I am but a mere mortal who works for Chiron and can see through the mist.”
My reaction: “Oh.”
“Anyway, let’s get into camp, you could be demigods for all we know.” He said with a chuckle.

Chapter 3: Finally Home

Hey. I’m Mateo. Before we were able to go in, a Gigantic Cyclops that kinda looked like Ms. Tostito, and a Giant that kinda looked like Mr. Gills came and blocked our path. Lucas found his button on his ring, which was the pegasus engraving, and his ring turned into a sword in his hand. Zara opened her locket and another sword appeared in her hand. They both struck at the same time, Lucas killing the cyclops/ Ms. Tostito, and Zara killing the Giant/ Mr. Gills. They both disappeared in a whirlwind of sand. That is sort of a normal thing now. (now Zara is telling me to explain what they are). Cyclopes are giant ogres with one eye. Giants are, you know, Giants. (Now Lucas is telling me to get on with the story.)
Anyway, right when I stepped through the threshold, I felt a surge of power. I pushed a button on my amulet and a double-bladed battle ax appeared in my hand. Then, I struck the floor, zombies rushing out. Next thing I know, My amulet turns black and a skull with crossed bones appears on it. Then, that same symbol hovers above my head, someone laughs and claps, and I pass out.

I awake in a big tent, with a kid looking straight down at me. I must be on a cot, I thought. Then I tried to get up. Not a very good idea.
Conclusion: Ribs are cracked.
I ask where I am and the healer says I’m in the infirmary at camp half-blood. We talked about it a lot at school, because we liked Percy Jackson.
My next question: “Who are you?”
“I am Gabriella Lyre, and you are…” She asked.
“Mateo, Mateo Parejo,” I replied.
“Nice to meet you, Mateo Parejo”
“You too, Gabriella.”
“You should be good as new after a few minutes,” She says, turns on a painkiller injector, and walks away.
I doze off again.
I wake up, ask Gabriella if I could go, and she said sure.
I walk out with a spring in my step. I have a glance around the tent; Divnoor is in the corner of my eye.
I go to the bathroom, and I see Lucas. He’s at the sink, and the water is shooting upwards. I see his hands palm up. “Hey, dude, how’s a goin’?”
“Great. I just figured out that I’m a son of Poseidon, God of the sea!” He replied.
“Great! That means you have a father, right!?”
“Yep! But still no sign of my mom,” his face drooped.
“That’s ok,” I said. “What about me?”
“Go to the big house, and you could probably find out.”
“What does it look like?”
“Let’s see… It’s big, and it’s a house.”
“Great, man, thanks!”
“No problem!”
I find it easily.
I start asking a centaur (Half man, Half horse), where Mr. Galloway was, but then I noticed something about him, something that made him seem like the guy who was laughing and clapping before I passed out.
“Never mind what I asked before. Who are you?”
“I am Chiron, and Mr. Galloway works for me, ever since our directorーMr. D, or the god of wine, Dionysusーleft.” He replied. “And you are?”
“Mateo. You clapped for me after I summoned these zombies.”
“Oh, yes.” he said, remembering now. “You are a son of Hades. I’ll show you to Tyler Os, our Hades cabin leader.”
“Os in french means bone, Chiron.”
“Yes, I know. Ironic, huh?”
“Yup. Thank you. Bye,” I concluded the weird conversation. But first I had one more thing to ask him.
“Yes,” He waited.
“My friend Lucas─”
“Ah, Lucas. I sense something powerful in that one.”
“And Divnoor? I saw her in the Apollo cabin infirmary”
“Oh, yes. She got claimed ten minutes after you passed out”
“Thanks!” I said, running off. I go to the darkest cabin. I go inside. I ask everyone in there (about 4 people), where Tyler is, and they all point to the corner. Then I see him. He’s a little taller than me, with more piercing eyes. He also had darker hair, but a softer and more gentle expression. Then I noticed he was ghostly pale. The realized that I was ghostly pale, and so was everybody else.
Then my brain cogs turned.
Children of Hades (must also mean)=Ghosts.
Then I said Hi to Tyler. He said Hi back, and then I told him that Chiron sent me and wanted him to give me a tour.
“OK.” He replied.
“Thanks, man!” I said.
“No problem.”
Then I saw Zara pass by.
“Hi,” I said, trying to start up a conversation.
“You know her?” asked Tyler.
“Yup,” I replied.
“Hey, Mateo,” She said. “How are you?”
“Great,” I replied. “You?”
“OK. Who’s this?” She asked.
“This is Tyler Os, Hades cabin leader.”
“Os means bone in French…” She said, thinking.
“Yep,” Tyler replied
“So you guys are children of Hades, Lucas is Poseidon, and Divnoor Apollo?”
“I guess,” I replied
“You’re bone head, and Lucas is seaweed brain.” She concluded. “Bye!”
We finished the tour, and then went to get some food. When we were done that, we all went and sat by the campfire,
where a lot of interesting stuff happened.


Chapter 4: Campfire Catastrophe!

Hey, Jood here, and before the campfire, I made this friend. She was a daughter of Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths and fire, and at the campfire, she was controlling it!
I sat there with her, concentrated really hard, and then started copying her hand movements. When she noticed me, she stopped, and the fire was still going the way she had it, except it had the symbol of a hammer on it. It surprised me, so I stopped. The fire went back to normal, but the symbol was still there. All the kids were trying to figure out who got claimed by Hephaestus, and by then, I had already realized it was me. Then, I looked back at the watch on my wrist that Mr. Galloway gave me, and there was the symbol, in the middle of the clock. But the time, I had noticed, was wrong, but when I turned the handle, two daggers, with multi metal blades appeared in my hands, with two flaming hilts, no, literally.

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