Author:  Jesse  (All stories)          04/02/18    
  Mystery of the Hidden Sword

Jack, Felix and Billy quickly hailed a taxicab and looked for Mark until something very shiny caught Jack's eye.
"Pull over" Jack ordered, and slowly and carefully moved towards the object until he found...
"A sword!" Jack exclaimed. "Hey guys! Come check this out! I found a sword!"
"Why does that sword look so green?" Billy asked as he rushed forwards.
"What?" Jack replied as he glanced back at the sword. Billy was right. It is green, Jack's favorite color!
"Cool!" Felix said. "Can I to- AAHHHHHH!" Felix cried in shock as the sword electrified him right when he touched it.
"Felix! Are you okay?"
"Does it look like I'm okay?"
"Hey Billy, why don't you try it out?"
As soon as Billy touched it he also got electrified.
"Jack, why don't you try?!"
"No, I'm afraid I'll also get electrocuted!" Jack cried. "But fine, I'll try."
When Jack touched the sword, he didn't get electrocuted. Then, he mustered all of his courage to pull the sword out. When it was out of the ground, he was suddenly transported into another world where he could see Mark and -
"Darkiplier" Jack growled.
"Yes Jack, I'm the one who sent the message." Dark said, "Although it was technically Mark who sent the message, because I'm not a physical character yet, but WHATEVER!"
I still have the sword in my hand, I can take him down! Jack thought. He THOUGHT. But he couldn't.
Jack swung the sword as hard as he could at Dark, but right when his sword was about to make contact with Dark, time froze. For him, at least.
"You think that could stop me? Well, think again." Dark said. He created an image out of thin air. It looked like Jack... but it wasn't. His skin was slightly green, he had blood all over his body, cuts on his face, a HUGE slit on his throat, messed up hair, a completely black t-shirt, and a kitchen knife. For some reason, Jack felt like he had seen this person before, but he hadn't.
"This person might seem familiar to you, because he is. That is Antisepticeye. Your YouTube channel is Jacksepticeye, and he showed up on some of your latest halloween videos, and some random appearances too."
"Where am I?"
"Right now you are in my dimension, where time doesn't exist, so if I sent you back right now then it will be like nothing ever happened. The only reason I called you here is because I want to give you a hint on where to find Mark. No, the sword isn't part of your quest. It actually has quite a history... and a mystery. Anyways, here's the hint: One of Riordan's books main characters fathers meeting area. Go ahead and find out for yourself, I'm not giving you any more hints, bye!"
A second later, Jack was back where he was.
"Guys, I think I know where we need to go." Jack said in a hurry.
"What? Where?"
Jack sighed. It was time they knew the truth.

"The Empire State Building, six hundredth floor."

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