Author:  Jesse  (All stories)          04/02/18    
  Mystery of the Hidden Sword

One day, there was a boy named Jack. He was in college and was extremely smart, but not so smart that some might consider him a nerd, just smart. He was in university and had lots of friends who always had plans, so they never really got to hang out with each other. When all his friends were going out on some vacation, he was helping his roommate with his homework when suddenly his Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus beeped. He checked his phone and suddenly his palms got really sweaty.
"Be right back" He said, "I'll help you later"
"Where are you going?" Asked his roommate.
"Oh nowhere, just need to answer this call." Right after he finished that line, he ran out of the room and stared back down at his screen. It was a text from one of his friends, Mark. It said: 'Come over to Greece RIGHT AWAY. I need you to see something.'
His face beaded with sweat. What was the thing so important that he had to see? Mark knew that it wasn't vacation or reading week, so Jack knew that it must be urgent. He went to the headmasters office and told him about the issue.
"Jack," The headmaster started, "I know this must be urgent for you, but you have to stay. He'll handle that situation himself."
"But headmaster," Replied Jack, "At the start of the year, you told the entire school that friendship is the most important thing of our lives. 'If there is no friendship, then there is no use coming here to learn.' You said. And now look at you right now, telling me to abandon friendship, the exact thing you told us NOT to do. So who's advice should I follow? The headmaster from the start of the year's, or the headmaster from now's advice?"
The headmasters face paled. He didn't know what to do.
The headmaster gulped. "Jack, I allow you to go on this important adventure."
"Thank you, headmaster" Jack said as he exited the headmasters office.
As soon as Jack got back to his room, his roommate asked, "What took you so long?"
"Oh, uh, the person on the other end was really chatty, and I'm kind of in a hurry, so I can only help with one more question until I go."
When Jack finished helping his roommate and packing up, he drove to the airport to find his other friends, Felix and Billy there.
"Hey guys. Did you get Marks message?" Jack thought it was pretty stupid to ask, but you can never be too careful.
"Yes. I wonder what would be so urgent?" Billy said, "We were also busy."
"How did you get out of school anyway?" Felix asked.
"A good memory can save you sometimes." Jack replied, "And a good headmaster."
Felix and Billy gave him the WTF look.
"Well anyway!" Jack said, interrupting an awkward silence, "We'd better get going! We've gotta buy the tickets to Greece!"
Once Jack almost fainted from the price but bought the tickets anyways, they went on the plane. For some strange reason, there were many patches of turbulence once they got closer to Greece. When the airport was in sight, it almost felt like a tornado.
"I keep texting Mark, but he never replies." Felix said.
"I even tried calling him" Replied Billy.
Jack thought it was all strange. Why wasn't he replying to anything? Jack thought. Why didn't he say anything other than the warning text? Was something going on? Did they take so long that he fell asleep? No, THE SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! Even Mark knew that, so why-
Jacks thoughts were suddenly interrupted when a loud ding came from his Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. His ears perked up. It was Mark! His hand flew towards his Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on autopilot, but as soon as he read the text, he froze in fear, but he didn't need to say that. His face said everything.
"Hey Jack, what's the prob-" Felix and Billy also froze in fear at what they saw. Everything was clear now. The text said:

I'm waiting for you.

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