Control the quality of a housing contract project by yourself

Shaw 02/14

When people hire a housing contractor, everyone ask the price first and tries to get the one with lowest quote. Keep in mind that in some case, low priced contractor does poor quality work, but it does not mean that high priced contractor will do high quality work.

For example, my friend used a low quote painter to paint the outside doors and trims in 2008, after less than a year, the paint started to crack and pill off. Because the painter just did one coat rather than two coats (rimer first than paint) as they promised.

So the solution is that you need to control the quality yourself, do not trust the contractor especially the first time you use them.

How to control the quality by yourself is an issue because the most people don`t have experience and knowledge for the project. Here are some hints:

1. Ask how the contract will perform the project to validate their knowledge
2. If a contractor give you a total quote for a project, ask them to break down the project with detail price
3. Sign a contract and detail the stages for inspection
4. Inspect once each stage is finished, if the contractor did not meet the requirement, don`t let them proceed to next stage

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