What should I negotiate with builder when buy a new house?

Shaw 02/10

Many people thinks it is simple to buy a new house as long as you like the location, price and design. But it may not be that simple if you want to add best value to your new house.

1. you can pay a little more to rise the celling to makes your house much more valuable; Or you can add more lights etc.;
2. you may ask builder to change the wash room location, or even change the interior design;
3. you can ask builder to make the windows larger, add more lights etc.

Builders buy design from design company and those design may not be the best one. If you ask builder to make some changes (not the structure) by spending a little more, you could get a total different house.

Keep in mind that some changes can only be made before starting the construction. Once the house is built, it`s hard to make changes anymore or it costs too much. Therefore, don`t pay much attention to little things (such as floor, cabinet etc.) since those are easy to be changed anytime.

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