The bottom line to negotiate new car deal with dealer?

Shaw 02/14

For all the cars and trucks, the price can off at least $2000.0 from the MSRP. The deal can make 8-10% profit for each vehicle sold, plus the rebate base on the volume a dealer sold in one year.

Be aware that invoice price may not be the lowest cost for a dealer, it`s the starting price to negotiate. And try to find out the unadvertised dealer insentive and holdback.

That means, even a dealer did not make money by selling a car, that dealer can still get paid from the maker by end of the year.

So if you don`t know the dealer`s invoice price, just take 10% off the MSRP (or even more), tell them that is the price you offer, and tell them you have asked several dealer and received similar deal.

If the sales person tries to argue with you, don`t argue, just simply tell them sell or not for that price. Otherwise, go to another dealer.

If you have a car for trade-in, don`t mention it until a final deal is made.

We have one member bought Hundai SUV, the dealer asked $41,000.00, he bought it for $35,000.00.

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