Ask more quotes prior to make decision for auto repair

Shaw 02/24

I have been using Active cross Green for my vehicle service for a while, but I changed mind due to two experiences:

1. I asked a quote for repairing the rear brake (toyota) because of noise, the Active cross green (Hwy 7 and weston) give me a quote of $320.0, they said the drums need to be serviced and brake shoes need to be replaced.
Then I went to another garage, they replaced the shoes for $140.0. They said no need to service the drums, but they can replace the drums for $20.0 each if I want to. The service cost more than replacing the drum as this part is not costly.

2. I asked the same Active cross green to replace the cabinet filter of Subaru forester, and the cheapest cabinet filter costs $45.0 if order from Active cross green. Then I called Subaru dealer and got the filter for $38.00. That means the garage may charge your more for poor quality parts.

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